Club Point System

Updated 06-08-2024 

– Top 6 Tournament accumulated points will be used to determine the final 12 UGC members who will compete in the UGC Championship Tournament at the end the year.       

– The UGC Championship Tournament HDCP will be based on the lowest of players current HDCP Index or a Calculated Tournament Index based on the 2024 tournaments played.     

– Tie Breaker will be most total points earned all tournaments, then most point’s last tournament.        

The Club’s “Player of the Year” will be determined by the UGC member with the highest total of accumulated points earned from playing in the UGC organized tournaments. Total Points will be based on the top four of first five tournaments plus points earned at the final tournament.  Tie breaker will be most points earned in final tournament and work backwards as required.    

2024 Points are earned in three ways for playing in a UGC organized tournament: 

1) Points are given for NET finish position compared to all UGC members only that played in the tournament.  UGC members are stacked by Net Score. Highest UGC NET score gets (1) point, next highest score gets (2) points and so on. Lowest UGC NET score will get highest points possible and is equal to number of UGC members in tournament. In other words, if you were lowest NET score and competed against 39 other UGC members, you get 40 points. If you only competed against 15 other UGC members you would get 16 points.  Ties in NET score go to lower Index golfer.    

2) Bonus points are given for GROSS finish position to lowest (5) UGC members only.  Lowest Gross gets 5 points, next lowest gets 4 points and so on.  Ties — Lower Index golfer gets higher point.  

3)  Top three UGC Members within their flight will also receive points.  The top UGC member in each flight will receive 12 points, 8 points for the second highest and 4 points for the third highest UGC golfer.