How the new website works.

Hi and glad you made it this far. Let’s try and see where all you favorite stuff went. It is mostly still here. If not it can be found.

On a Mobile Device

When you use you cell phone and tablets you will see a equal sign (=) that is the dropdown menu area. Once you click it you see the list of locations on the website. Click any one to go to that page on the website.

New way to Navigate.

We now have drop down menus.

The Ultimate Golf Club of Southern California Drop Down

All the same old stuff.

For now you will have to use the back button on you browser. We are looking into how to make the spreadsheets show up in the area below the Banner.

The Ultimate Golf Club of Southern California DropDown

Tournament Info Drop Down

Also all the same great stuff.

Same issue until we find the solution, use back arrow on your browser to return to the UGC website from spreadsheets.

Tournament Info

Toms Play Ground without Drop Down

Is a page that Tom will be using to learn more about WordPress and creating, maintaining the content we have for you

Toms Play Ground

HOME Button

Press anytime you are on the website with the UGC Banner at the Top of page.

Home Button

In Closing

We hope this helps anyone wondering how to drive the new website.

We are open to suggestions and input from the members to grow and improve within reason. We are also always looking for help to schedule and run tournaments, and Learn how to setup the software for a tournament and help with the scoring, Recruit new members, and website editing.