New Tournament Rules

In an effort to improve the pace of play at our tournaments we have adopted the following UGC club rules for all stroke play tournaments this year. The purpose is not to single out any particular golfer, but to ensure that time on the course is consistent between groups and to maintain our credibility at the venues we play so that we can return. We discussed these changes at length during our winter meeting and feel they honor the integrity of the game and are very reasonable/ fair to all.

·         Highest score possible on any hole is 10. Once golfer reaches the score or 10, he/she must please pick their ball up.

·         If a golfer has left the tee box and discovers his/her ball is now lost and they did not play a provisional, DO NOT RETURN to the tee box. Reach a consensus within the group within 10 paces of where it was lost (in play), take stroke and distance penalty, and drop a new ball in play (the golfer will be hitting #4 from the dropped location).

·         There will now be a 25 minute rule enforced between all groups. If a group does not turn its scorecard into the tournament coordinator within 25 minutes of the previous group, all members of the group will receive a 2 stoke penalty added to their #18 hole score. A timer will be kept on the scores table to track the time between scorecard submissions. All decisions will be at the discretion of the Tournament coordinator.